Behold My Rumps (y/y)

Hello I am Bird. I don't know what I'm doing.

sobs one of the people that took my prompt already ended it bc they got intimidated by my starter kill me now

anyways ive reposted my organ trail prompt in NAP NSFW, this time with a disclaimer to expect long posts…

got a couple people who took my organ trail prompt c:

if anyone else is interested, go ahead and let me know in my askbox and ill put it back up

Anonymous said: I love your organ trail idea, but I can only comfortably play a handful of trolls. I wish you the best of luck in getting an answer, though!

thanks for the compliments! sorry im not much of a troll fan

organ trail-stuck prompt is still up in NAP NSFW!

just got home from work, and i’ve put the organ trail-stuck prompt back up in NAP if anyone’s interested :)

Anonymous said: howdy doodee i just wanted to say that im ABSOLUTELY SMITTEN with your organ trail thingamabob and i would totally take it but alas and alack im under eighteen i really do hope you get a stellar partner though befitting of a stellar idea

I mostly put the 18+ disclaimer on this as a precaution, though if we both agree to keep sexy stuff out, i wouldn’t mind terribly if you took the organ trail prompt :)

Reposted my prompt for the morning crowd.

Though keep in mind im at work

I did it, posted a NAP for organ trail-stuck. Decided to go for seeing if i can get a single partner willing to play at least 2 characters while i play at least 2, if not 3

gosh i hope this goes well, i want station wagon zombie apocalypse survival so bad

omfg bad dragon reblogged my isabelle + cole post AND MY LINK + TEENIE WEENIES POST thats it im done my legacy is here i can pass on